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Which are the top dog breeds according to the data?

We examined data on intelligence, longevity, genetic ailments and other markers to create a “data-score” and then plotted it against public popularity of various breeds, according to the American Kennel Club. Via

Global map of drought risk, from new JRC study

A global map of drought risk has been elaborated at the sub-national administrative level. The motivation for this study is the observation that little research and no concerted efforts have been made at the global level to provide a consistent and equitable drought risk management framework for multiple regions, population groups and economic sectors. Drought risk is assessed for the period 2000–2014 and is based on the product of three independent determinants: hazard, exposure and vulnerability. Drought hazard is derived from a non-parametric analysis of historical precipitation deficits at the 0.5°; drought exposure is based on a non-parametric aggregation of gridded indicators of population and livestock densities, crop cover and water stress; and drought vulnerability is computed as the arithmetic composite of high level factors of social, economic and infrastructural indicators, collected at both the national and sub-national levels. The performance evaluation of the proposed

There are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans

All the trash in the ocean could circle the Earth 425 times. With 192.8 million pounds of plastic (or 2 trillion individual pieces), the North Pacific represented nearly one-third of plastic pollution in all oceans. Up to 70 percent of this trash sinks to the ocean floor. Via

These are the cities that climate change will hit first

Using temperature data from 1860 to 2005 as a baseline, climate departure describes the point In time that the average temperature of the coolest yea r after 2005 becomes warmer than the historic average temperature of the hottest year, for a specific location. Via

The expanding range of the Eurasian Beaver in Europe

Urban heat islands affects the urban growing season

A new study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers shows that buds burst earlier in dense urban areas than in their suburban and rural surroundings. Via

When sea levels attack!

Risk of Earthquake in Tokyo

Everybody who has lived and died infographic

Greendex Index by Country

National Geographic Consumer Greendex, a scientifically derived sustainable consumption index of actual consumer behavior and material lifestyles across 18 countries. We will continue to track the Greendex over time, including comparability across the selection of countries representing both the developed and developing world. An exploration of consumers’ intentions to improve their habits in this year’s Greendex study also reveals that those in Latin America and India appear to be the most easily influenced to change when informed about their personal impact on the environment. Results also show that consumers who already display behavior that is relatively sustainable and are told that their behavior is above average from an environmental point of view are more motivated to improve their behavior further than are consumers who display less sustainable habits. This suggests that positive reinforcement is likely a powerful tool for enabling behavior change among consumers. v

Human Fossil Sites

Messinian salinity crisis & Zanclean Flood image series (6.5 million years ago)

The animation shows the salinity crisis of Messiniense in the Mediterranean Sea, that took place in the Miocene geological era, characterized by the accumulation of masses of salt on its bottom and probably including a period of almost complete desiccation. A possible cause of the subsequent closure of the connection with the Atlantic is the removal of plaque collapsing (slab rollback) during a phenomenon of subduction in combination to the change of sea level. Following the complete closure between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea the level of the Mediterranean Sea dropped rapidly just because there was no supply of water coming from the Atlantic. The rivers that flowed into the sea, began to run the seabed creating deep ruts and waterfalls in its delta. The evaporation produced the storage of large amounts of salt on the sea bottom. Presumably, during the period in which the level of the Mediterranean Sea was 1500-1200 meters lower than today, some mammals pa

Lions lick the water off the tent while stone cold Camper is still inside

Global patterns of urbanization (1995 - 2015)

Deforestation in the Amazon

Last year 1,228 square miles of Amazon rainforest were cut down. Via

Most Americans believe the climate is changing

Estimates % of adults who think global warming is happening. Via

Blue-winged Teal migration visualised

Blue-wined teal relative weekly abundance.

4-story Paris flat fits comfort in 25 sq mt

Rotating micro-cabin

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What is the nature of gentrification in the Bay Area?

The Urban Displacement Project is a research and action initiative of UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers at UCLA, community based organizations, regional planning agencies and the State of California’s Air Resources Board. The project aims to understand the nature of gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area. It focuses on creating tools to help communities identify the pressures surrounding them and take more effective action. Regions across California began to implement their Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS) in compliance with Senate Bill 375 to implement the state’s global warming act (AB32 of 2006). Since then, communities have been increasingly concerned about how new transit investment and related infill development will affect the lives of existing residents, particularly low-income communities and communities of color. With the funding from the California Air Resources Board as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Urban Displacement

Day Length During The Year (Hours)

How do the global warming emissions of electric vehicles compare with gasoline in your region?

Welcome to the Disappearing West

Every two and a half minutes, a football field's worth of open, natural area in the western United States disappears to human development. Click anywhere on the map to explore how and why open lands in the West are disappearing so quickly. " Los Angeles In 2011, human development covered 42.5% of all lands in Los Angeles County, or total of 1,101,508 acres of land. Between 2001 and 2011, the county lost 33,508 acres of natural areas to development. The proportion of natural areas lost each year in Los Angeles County is 107.7% higher than the annual rate of loss in California and 208.8% higher than the annual rate of loss across the West."

Panama: first nationwide carbon map


Sea snail swallows fish whole

Carnivorous cone snails use a long tentacle-like proboscis armed with a venomous barb to paralyze little fish, and then just open up their maws and swallow them whole. It's terrifying.  

The Changing American Diet

The changing eating habits of the U.S. between 1970 and 2013. Via

NASA Maps Show How Fast New Orleans Is Sinking

Using NASA airborne radar, scientists have shown the degree to which New Orleans and its surrounding areas are sinking each year. Mostly caused by groundwater extraction. Subsidence rates in New Orleans (2009 - 2012). The red stars represent locations where levees breached during Hurricane Katrina. (Via: NASA/JPL-Caltech, Esri) this elevation-dropping process (subsidence) driven by a combination of both natural and human-caused factors. In New Orleans, it’s caused by groundwater pumping and dewatering (i.e. pumping away surface water to prevent standing water and soggy ground). The most severe sinking was observed upriver along the Mississippi River around major industrial areas, and in Michoud. Both of these areas experience drops of about two inches each year. Other notable drops in elevation were measured in the city’s Upper and Lower 9th Ward, and in Metairie, where the measured ground movements were linked to water levels in the Mississippi River. At Bonnet CarrĂ© Spillway

Top 100 Cities in the U.S. Ranked by the Economic Value of Solar Power

The world's nuclear power plants

Nuclear power contributes only a small share to global energy production. According to World Energy Statistics 2015 published by the International Energy Agency, nuclear power accounts for 4.8 per cent of the total primary energy supply worldwide, far behind oil (31.1 per cent), coal (28.9 per cent), natural gas (21.4 per cent) and even behind biofuels and waste (10.2 per cent). Of the producers of nuclear power, the United States is by far the largest with 33.2 per cent of the world’s total, followed by France (17.1 per cent) and Russia (seven per cent). The UK’s production accounts for just 2.9 per cent. In contrast, France generates the largest share of its domestic electricity generation from nuclear power (74.4 per cent). It is followed by Sweden (43.4 per cent), Ukraine (43.0 per cent) and South Korea (25.8 per cent), while the UK comes fifth with 19.2 per cent. According to a 2014 OECD study, the largest currently known recoverable resources exist in Australia (approximately 2

Life finds a way

Tree fell over and grew two more trees.

Gallons of water per ounce of food

Blooming flowers

Time-lapse video of flowers blooming.

U.S. State Flowers

Funny Cat Pictures

Funny cats around the world. Cat grooming.

NASA temperature data shows last month was hottest April on record

Temperature anomalies from April 2016. April 2016 was the sixth month in a row to be more than one per cent above the 1951 - 1980 average.

Antarctic Peninsula ice flow

Successive radar images captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-1A satellite during December 2014 – March 2016 were used to create this spectacular map showing how fast the ice flows on the Antarctic Peninsula. The map was constructed by tracking the movement of ice features in pairs of radar images taken 12 days apart. The Antarctic Peninsula is a narrow mountainous finger or spine of land extending northwards away from the Central Antarctic ice sheet (lower right corner) and comprises the northernmost arm of the Antarctic ice sheet. The colour scale indicates the speed of ice movement in metres per day, ranging from 1 centimetre per day or less in dark blue to up to 1 metre per day in red. The vivid colours trace a complex network of channels along which streams of ice flow from the high mountains down towards the coast where the ice flow speeds up and spreads out into floating ice shelves. The white area on the western flank of the peninsula is where snowfall is likely to have

1550 generations ago hunter-gatherers arrived in Europe, while farmers only arrived 350 generations ago

PETA Surprises Shoppers With Fake Leather Accessories

Some people tend to turn a blind eye to animal suffering when it comes to buying leather goods. PETA Asia Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok teamed up to change this attitude. They opened a fake pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls and put seemingly ordinary luxury leather goods on display. However, they had a terrifying secret inside. The inside of the bags, shoes, wallets, and other items was the ultimate definition of gore. They contained fake animal flesh, blood, one bag even had a beating heart. Unsuspecting shoppers jumped back in horror, gasping for breath. "Every year, at least 440,000 pythons are caught in the jungles of Southeast Asia". They’re cruelly decapitated. Sometimes they’re even skinned alive… "An average handbag requires the slaughter of not one, but four crocodiles"