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The Appalachian Mountains, the Scottish Highlands, and the Atlas Mounts in Africa were the same mountain range

The Central Pangean Mountains was a prominent mountain ridge in the central part of the supercontinent Pangaea that extends across the continent from northeast to southwest through the Carboniferous , Permian Triassic periods. The mountains were formed due to a collision within the supercontinents Gondwana and Laurussia during the creation of Pangaea. It was comparable to the present Himalayas at its highest peak during the start of the Permian period. It isn’t easy to assume now that once upon a time that the Scottish Highlands, The Appalachian Mountains, the Ouachita Mountain Range, and the Atlas Mountains in northwestern Africa are the same mountains , once connected as the Central Pangean Mountains.

Winning designs unveiled for the sustainable redesign of Saratov

The southwestern Russian city of Saratov has proclaimed the two leading designs in the Open International Competition for the Best Architectural and Urban Planning Concepts for the Integrated Development of Saratov’s City Centre, a call for plans that creatively recreate the central part of the city. The Russian Citymakers-led crew and the Dutch Karres en Brands-led team united for first place, and both will move on to the accomplishment stage for select elements of their leading designs. Both ideas highlight an abundance of green space, a presentation of local culture, and the addition of diverse, eco-friendly recreational possibilities. Started July of last year, the three-phase Saratov plan contest asked participants to redesign the city center. This 688-hectare area comprises the areas of the abandoned airport Saratov-Central, Green Island (Ostrov Zeleny), Victory Park (Park Pobedy),  Glebuchev Ravine (Glebuchev Ovrag), and Pokrovskie Peski Island. International specialists, inc

The Most Popular Electric Vehicle In The World, Mapped

Consumers worldwide are frequently choosing electric vehicles, and in some countries like Norway , electric cars have even become the top-seller. But which electric vehicle has won over the most people throughout the world? According to an analysis by of electric vehicle sales in sixty nations, the obvious favorite is the Tesla Model 3, the best-selling model in twenty countries. "This may be because it is the most affordable Tesla available on the market," Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at, stated in a report. "It is also good to see other manufacturers such as Renault and Nissan get success in the electric vehicle market in many nations, too." The 2nd most popular electric car model worldwide is the Nissan Leaf, the top-selling electric vehicle in 9 nations.

Electric Vehicles in the World Mapped

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that uses o electric motors for drive.  The first electric vehicles came into life in the mid 19th century, when electricity was amongst the favored methods for motor vehicle propulsion, giving convenience and ease of maintenance that could not be accomplished by the gasoline vehicles of the time.  In the 21st century, electric vehicles have seen a resurgence due to technological progress and grown focus on renewable energy and the likely decrease of transportation's impact on climate change and other environmental problems. Landgeist made exciting maps showing how popular electric vehicles are in Europe and the United States . The data came from the European Environment Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy . Electric vehicles in Europe A brief look at the map already reveals that electric cars are trendy in just a small number of European nations. Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, and Luxembourg have far more electric vehicles per ca