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A Fascinating 3D Animation of Ocean Depths

The world ocean is deep, more profound in some places than Mount Everest is tall. Below is incredible 3D animation of traveling from the shallows of the shoreline to the deepest sections of the ocean, with specific comparisons to things like the height of Mount Everest, Eiffel Tower, and Mount Everest along the trail.  Deep-sea research began 150 years ago when the British survey ship Challenger set sail from Portsmouth with 181 (292 kilometers) rope.  Conclusions from this four-year voyage totaled almost 30,000 pages when issued in a report. But the Challenger's most notable legacy may be its exploration of the Mariana Trench. The ship registered a sounding of 4,475 fathoms (26,850 feet or 8184 meters) in a southern part of the trench after called Challenger Deep, and now known as the deepest point of the ocean on our planet. The most up-to-date soundings using sonar have measured the depth of the trench at around 35,768 to 36,037 feet or 10,902 to 1984 meters. It is roughly 7

The Race For EV Dominance visualized

Tesla has reigned over the EV market. The company's market value is more than the market cap of GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes combined.  But competitors are stepping up efforts to unseat Elon Musk's company as the dominant car producer that ended 2020 with 23% of the EV market and the first hit $1 trillion market capitalization. Volkswagen plans to build 6 battery factories in Europe by 2030 and invest globally in charging stations and, according to forecasts , the company will become the largest manufacturer of EV vehicles before 2030.  Ford expects 40% of its vehicles sold to be electric by the year 2030. GM, the largest U.S. automaker, wants to stop selling fuel-burning cars by 2035. Below is the visualization of the EV market created by VisualCapitalists . Top largest manufacturers of EVs by number of sales in 2020 1. Tesla: 499,000 2. Volkswagen: 230,000 3. SGMW (GM, SAIC, Willing Motors): 211,000 4. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubshi: 191,000 5. Hyundai-Kia: 145,000 6. BYD: 13