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Fishing yield, in tonnes per km2 per year

Amazon Forest and Australia

European air quality forecast

The above prediction is based on composite meta model, computed using several Air Quality Forecasting Systems.

Bangalore's growing urban sprawl (1973 - 2006)

Concentration of Plastic in the Ocean

GEOS5 aerosols

The video shows global aerosol pollution and other particles.

Explore Melbourne's Urban Forest

The City of Melbourne maintains more than 70,000 trees. This website enables you to explore this dataset and some of the challenges facing Melbourne’s Urban Forest.

World population

World population: 7,327,706,565. 49 mln per year: Expected growing speed of world's population by 2050.

Greenland's Sudden Melt Seen in New Maps

Daily surface mass balance estimates of the Greenland ice sheet. Red indicates losses. After a cool spring kept Greenland’s massive ice sheet mostly solid, a (comparatively) warm late June and early July have turned half the ice sheet’s surface into liquid, well outside the range of normal for this time of year. Via

The World's Terrestrial Biomes

The origin of crops and domestic animals

The map below shows where particular plant and animal species were first cultivated or domesticated. Dif these practices arise independently in different areas, or did they appear by diffusion? In the case of some species (for example, the pig), there seems to have been independent development in different areas. In most cases, however, the contact between neighboring cultures facilitated the rapid rise of plant and animal cultivation around the earth.  

Natural resources worth

Air Pollution

Europe if all the world's ice melted

Galons of water per ounce of food

World's deadliest animals

Worlds deadliest animals - Number of people killed by animals per year

Earh's land mammals by weight

1 square = 1,000,000 tons.

What's is the world's biggest cash crop?

Marine myths measured

A sampling of the largest scientifically confirmed marine species.