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The River of Myths

Hans Rosling shows how measurement reveals incredible progress in saving the lives of children in what were once labeled "developing countries." If the few countries that still have high child mortality rates can follow the path of Ethiopia, preventable child deaths may be history by 2030. We must continue to closely measure this progress.

The Island

New York City’s Central Park from above.

Underground greenhouse

Walipini, or underground greenhouse is an incredibly effective way to grow food year round in climates subject to below freezing temps. The sun's light and heat comes through the plastic roof and is trapped inside, heating up the walls and keeping it warm (above about 50 deg) all night. The other advantage is the protection from wind as there are no external walls.

How big is the Moon, really?

 The area of the United States, is a little over 20 percent of the Moon's surface area.

Do we underestimate chimpanzees?

Chimpanzee Ayumu can perform memory tasks that most humans quite simply find impossible. With only a one in 362,000 chance of getting the right answer by accident, it is clear that Ayumu has a very special mind.

The Potential Of Global Water Risks

The Global Water Risks on map.

Meteor explode in central Russia (Video)

Explained in 90 Seconds: Climate Modeling

Submarine Cable Map

Interactive submarine cable map.

'Breathing Bike'

Chasing Ice

  Chasing Ice won the award for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and has won 24 awards so far this year.

Mooloolaba covered in foam

Cyclone leaves Mooloolaba covered in foam.