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French Artists' 1899 Vision of Life in the Year 2000

 Atomic physicist Niels Bohr is famously quoted as saying, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” Yet despite years of inaccuracies, magazines persist in publishing think pieces on where we might be in the coming decades or centuries. It provides us with a sense of hope, even though inventions like personal jetpacks and moon colonies are long overdue. However, it's Isaac Asimov who seems to possess the only set of postcards titled En L’An 2000 , a collection of around 87 artist cards that were originally distributed as inserts in cigar boxes in 1899, just in time for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Translated as “France in the 21st Century,” these cards feature interpretations by Jean-Marc Côté and other illustrators of how we might be living... well, 23 years ago. The history behind the production of these cards is quite convoluted, with the original commissioning company going out of business before distributing them. Whether this company was

How Much Longer Can you Live if you Breathed Clean Air?

Air pollution presents significant challenges to human health and well-being, impacting atmospheric visibility and exacerbating climate change. With the escalation of social and economic activities, human-induced PM2.5 pollution from intensive human actions has resulted in severe air pollution . PM2.5 pollution refers to particulate matter that has a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or smaller. It comprises an intricate blend of solids and aerosols, including tiny liquid droplets, dry solid particles, and solid cores coated with liquid. These particles are minuscule and can remain suspended in the air for long periods, making them easily inhalable. PM2.5 pollution primarily originates from sources such as vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, construction activities, and wildfires. Exposure to PM2.5 pollution is associated with a range of adverse health effects, including respiratory and cardiovascular problems . When inhaled, these fine particles can penetrate deep into the lungs and eve

Share of World Forests by Country

The global forest cover comprises over three trillion trees . Approximately half of these trees (1.3 trillion) are found in the tropics and subtropics, while about one-fourth (0.74 trillion) are in the boreal regions, and one-fifth (0.66 trillion) in temperate regions. So, how does this distribution look on a country-by-country basis? Utilizing data from the World Bank , the VisualCapitalist team illustrated each country's share of the world's total forest area. Naturally, larger countries typically boast more forested areas, resulting in a higher percentage of the world's forests . At the forefront of the list, Russia claims over one-fifth of the world's forests, encompassing a vast expanse of 8 million km2, which is slightly less than half of the entire country. Following closely, Brazil, the fifth-largest and sixth-most populated nation, ranks second with just over 12% of the total forests, covering close to 5 million km2, over 60% of its landmass. Its prominent fo

How to Choose the Best Solar Power Products

Solar energy stands out as a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for powering homes and businesses, solidifying its position as the leading renewable energy source worldwide, according to the United Nations . Despite its promising prospects, the slow adoption of solar panels is partly attributed to quality concerns. However, recent technological advancements have significantly enhanced their reliability. Nevertheless, not all solar panels guarantee a dependable energy supply for your property. Recognizing that quality comes at a premium, investing more in superior solar panels can offer substantial long-term benefits. With top-tier solar products, one can enjoy uninterrupted electricity for up to three decades, alleviating concerns about soaring energy bills. For those contemplating the transition to solar energy, Amazon provides a convenient platform for acquiring solar panels and associated equipment. Yet, amidst the abundance of options, selecting the most suitable solar panel

Sweden will construct its largest wooden city in 2025

 Among the earliest tools crafted by human hands are axes, serving to fell wood for fires and construction. Wood stands as the epitome of sustainable resources, perpetually renewable. Today, it emerges as the quintessential material in design. Sweden embarks on a bold venture with Stockholm Wood City, showcasing the grandeur of wood and its potential in sustainable architecture. Construction on Stockholm Wood City is set to commence in 2025, with completion slated for 2027. This innovative urban development will integrate areas for both work and residence, alongside vibrant dining and retail establishments. Upon its fruition, over 2,000 new residential units and 7,000 office spaces will enrich the cityscape. The architectural blueprint for this visionary project was crafted by Atrium Ljungberg . The design of Wood City emphasizes the utilization of stored and shared, self-generated energy. Featuring wooden structures with integrated spaces for greenery, the design aims to cultivate a g