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Countries by CO₂ emissions in 2020

According to the analysis of the scientific literature accomplished by the IPCC, CO2 is the most significant anthropogenic greenhouse gas.  The top 10 most considerable emitter nations account for 67.6 percent of the world total. Since 2006, China has been emitting more carbon dioxide than any other nation .  The graph below shows countries scaled by CO₂ emissions in 2020. Top 10 countries by total CO2 emissions: China - 11.68 billion tonnes United States - 4.54 billion tonnes India - 2.41 billion tonnes Russia - 1.67 billion tonnes Japan - 1.06 billion tonnes Iran - 0.69 billion tonnes Germany - 0.64 billion tonnes South Korea - 0.62 billion tonnes Saudi Arabia - 0.59 billion tonnes Indonesia - 0.57 billion tonnes

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