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The Best and Worst Countries For Animal Rights

What are animal rights? Generally, this is the view that all animals should be admitted to the identical basic level of empathy as humans. The acceptance is that animals are not only ownership - they are breathing, living beings that can feel pain. Acknowledging this is one of the most basic principles of animal rights.  Some people associated with the animal rights movement, like vegans, go even further by blaming all animal by-products, including dairy and leather. They are against that even if pets are given superior treatment all of their lives and killed humanely, they shouldn't have their lives terminated by humans. These people are usually against hunting, selective breeding for goals other than the animal's well-being, medical experiments, killing animals for food or clothing, using animals for difficult manual work, zoological garden, and animals practiced in amusement. The Swiftest ranked 65 countries with available data to see which are the best and worst for animal

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