The World's 25 Largest Urban Parks

 An urban park is a park that is located within a city's municipal limits or metropolitan area - and some of them, despite their urban location, are surprisingly expansive. Playground Equipment ranked the 25 largest urban parks in the world by acres and visualized them in the infographic below.

Largest Urban Parks

The World's Top 10 Largest Urban Parks

  1. Chugach State Park — 495,199.2 acres (Anchorage, Alaska)

  2. Gatineau Park — 89,205 acres (Gatineau, Canada)

  3. Table Mountain National Park — 54,610.3 acres (Cape Town, South Africa)

  4. Margalla Hills National Park — 42,961.7 acres (Islamabad, Pakistan)

  5. Pedra Branca State Park — 30,626.2 acres (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  6. McDowell Sonoran Preserve — 30,394 acres (Scottsdale, Arizona)

  7. Losiny Ostrov National Park — 28,664.2 acres (Moscow, Russia)

  8. Franklin Mountains State Park — 24,246 acres (El Paso, Texas)

  9. Bayou Sauvage Urban National Wildlife Refuge — 22,758.4 acres (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  10. Bukhansan National Park — 19,748.7 acres (Seoul, South Korea)


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