Drought levels across US counties

Drought is a complicated phenomenon that is challenging to monitor and determine. Hurricanes, for instance, have a distinct beginning and end and can easily be observed as they grow and move. Drought, on the other hand, is the lack of water. It is a spreading phenomenon that slowly creeps up and affects many areas of the economy and works on various time scales. As a result, the climatological society has defined 4 types of drought: 

- meteorological drought (dry weather patterns dominate an area)
- hydrological drought (low water supply becomes visible)
- agricultural drought
- socioeconomic drought. 

The U.S. Drought Monitor explains drought combined across all time scales and differentiates among agricultural and hydrological impacts.

Reddit user Andy Baker visualizes U.S. Droughts, using data from the US Drought Monitor and R (ggplot2, maps, and gganimate). The script you can find here.

Droughts in the United States


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