Carbon dioxide levels over the last 300,000 years are visualized

Reddit user heresacorrection visualized carbon dioxide levels over the last 300 thousand years, using National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data.

The graph shows the amount of CO2 estimated in the atmosphere (units: parts per million). Outside of a few hundred years ago, the rest is gathered from ice cores.


Carbon dioxide levels over the last 300 thousand years

On the graph before the peak caused by the current rapid change results from human activity, you can see another rise in the Bølling–Allerød interstadial period (126440 BC).

The Bølling–Allerød was a sudden warm and moist interstadial period during the last stages of the last glacial period (14,690 - 12,890 BP).

During this period, estimates of carbon dioxide rise are 20–35 ppmv within 200 years, a rate less than 29–50 percent compared to the anthropogenic global warming sign from the past fifty years.

Data gathered from the Gulf of Alaska show abrupt sea-surface warming of about three °C (in less than 90 years). Global sea level raised about 16 meters throughout this period at speeds of 26–53 millimeters per year.


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