The Global Population Density in 3D

Today almost 8 billion people live on Earth. But the population is very unevenly distributed. These maps clearly explain the irregular distribution of Homo sapiens on Earth.

These maps were designed by Alasdair Rae, using population density data. The height of every bar describes the number of people being in any one square kilometer.

On the maps, population data in different territories of our planet is mapped as population towers.


With 42 people per km2, England is densely populated compared to most other countries of the continent. But it’s not as densely populated as the Netherlands, where 506 people live per km2.

3D map of population density in Europe
Population density in Europe
European population density

North America

Mexico City has the most populous urban area in North America, followed by New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

3d population density map of America
Population Density in North America
Population density in North America

South America 

Brasilian Sao Paulo is the most populated city in South America. Lima, the capital city of Peru, the second-most populated city in South America.

3D map: Population density in South America


The above 60 million people live in Guangzhou – Hong Kong area. The cities of the Pearl River Delta could eventually blend into one united megalopolis. 

The Sichuan Basin is the main population center in central China.

3D map of population density in China

India’s Indo-Gangetic Plain and Bangladesh, which lies immediately south of the Himalayas, are the most densely populated areas on Earth. 

The dominance of Pakistan’s population lives along the Indus River.

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan: 3D map of population density

Region TaiheiyĊ Belt is including most of the people in Japan.

Population density in Japan

With a 144 million population, Java is the most populated island on our planet. Jakarta is on course to topple Tokyo as the world’s most populated city by 2030. Asia’s largest island, Borneo, is sparsely populated compared to surrounding regions.

Population Density in Indonesia (3D map)

Australia and New Zealand 

The most populated cities are located on the east coast of Australia and southeast Australia (Victoria). 

In Auckland lives more people than in the entire South Island of New Zealand.

Population density in Australia
Population density in New Zealand


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