Countries with the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

World Energy Council – classifies nations based on their mix of tactics for tackling problems like energy safety and environmental sustainability.

 1. Energy Security
A nation’s ability to meet contemporary and future energy needs reliably, and jump back swiftly from system collapses with minimal interruption to satisfy. This dimension includes the effectiveness of the administration of internal and external energy sources, as well as the reliability and flexibility of energy infrastructure.

2. Energy Equity
A country’s capacity to provide a universal way to reliable, affordable, and sufficient energy for residential and practical use. This dimension takes basic access to electricity and clean cooking fuels and technologies, access to prosperity-enabling levels of energy consumption, and affordability of power, gas, and fuel.

3. Environmental Sustainability
The transformation of a country’s energy system towards decreasing and avoiding environmental harm and climate change impacts. This dimension focuses on the productivity and efficiency of generation, transmission and distribution, decarbonization, and air quality.

The World Energy Council's Energy Trilemma Index scores nations on their ability to provide sustainable energy through three-dimension.

Countries with the Most Sustainable Energy Policies
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