What if everyone lived in just one building?

The world population is actually 7.4 billion people if we crammed people into the same density as we did inside the Boeing factory and we will require a volume of 2.4 36 billion cubic meters or 2.4 36 cubic kilometers. The building would be a cube with sides of 1.346 kilometers in length and height.

Agoraphobia is defined as the fear of open spaces public transit, shopping malls or simply being outside of your home. But is the fear really realistic, and is it actually possible to live an entire life completely indoors? And weirdly, if the entire human species suffer from this phobia that could we all theoretically live inside of one gigantic building and not ever have to leave our homes or at least never have to leave the comfort of the building? The answer is yes but let's first take a look at some real-world concepts before venturing into the detailed insanity of all living, eating, sleeping and breathing in the same building.

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