The Tiny House Company's subtropical tiny house

Our tiny house is designed and built for a subtropical climate. The tall space celebrates light and always maintains a close connection with the outdoors. Recycled Australian hardwood throughout balances warmth with simplicity and clean lines. The doors and windows were old floor joists in a past life. The modular deck can be assembled in under two hours almost doubling the floor area.
The bathroom has a 2.1 m ceiling and the kitchen runs half the length of the house ...because there are some things you just can't skimp on.
Multi-function is the key - why leave a space unused for half the day? Our bed is only there when you need it, at the press of a button. 2.6 m high lounge by day... 3.5 m high bedroom by night... and no stairs. A 900 mm structural grid sets an aesthetic framework for both house and deck. It's built on a trailer and ready to go off-grid.

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