World Map 100m Sea Level Rise

Over the last 140 thousand years, the global sea level has changed over a range of more than 120 meters. The most recent significant change was a rise of more than 120 meters as the last ice age ended. Then sea level stabilized over the last several thousand years, and there was a slight variation between about 1AD and 1800AD.

Sea level began to increase again in the nineteenth century and quickened anew in the early twenty century. Nowadays, satellite measures reveal a rate of sea-level increase of approximately 3 millimeters per year since the early 1990s - a further rise in the rate.

If all the ice on the planet melts, the global sea level will rise by 70 meters. Nevertheless, VividMaps presented maps that show what would happen to our planet if the world's sea level increased by 100 meters.

Map of Sea level rise

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