Tiny house on wheels designed to Withstand earthquakes

After the earthquakes here in Christchurch (New Zealand) a lot of the residential land was actually red zone and deemed unfit to be built on and that's just one of the reasons why the tiny house movement is really exploding here.

You can no longer build a regular home on some of the land but a tiny house on a trailer is absolutely perfect. The problem is though not everyone wants to live in a tiny house and that's why this next place we're about to visit is very special.

Paul has constructed a small house still on a trailer that even makes passive design principles. It's a very clever idea.

A lot of people that love the idea of tiny homes but perhaps think they couldn't really actually practically live in a space and this here is the perfect solution for that. It's still small by regular home standards incredibly economical (US $55,000) and resources and makes great financial sense this is a fantastic solution.

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