The only person to survive on our roads

The truth is that cars have evolved a lot faster than we have. The strongest man cannot hold himself from going forwards in a car accident because the forces are so great.

The most significant part of the body for injury is the head. Our bodies are just not equipped to handle the forces in common crash scenarios.

As much as we like to think we’re invincible, we’re not. The human body can only withstand certain amounts of force in a car accident. In fact, the impact forces of just 30km/hr are enough to be fatal – such as striking a pedestrian or a side-on collision with a tree.

But what if we were to change? What if our bodies could cope with the impact of a crash? What might we look like?

Meet Graham, the only person who can survive on our roads.

Multiple nipples help protect ribs like a natural set of airbags.

Graham’s brain is the same as yours but skull is a lot bigger with more fluid and more ligaments to support the brain when a collision occurs. Skull almost helmet like and it’s got these inbuilt crumple zones that would absorb the energy on impact.

Flat face and a lot of fatty tissue that would absorb the energy on impact.

Graham has an airbag-like ribs with sacks.

Knees have movement in all directions so they are less likely to be injured.

His neck is fortified with a brace-like structure.

Graham’s skin is thicker and tougher.

Strong legs with added joints allow him to jump out from a car.


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