Farm from a Box

Nearly one billion people globally struggle with hunger and poverty lacking access to healthy, nutritious food, 50 million people in the United States alone.

Far from a box is a fully integrated farming unit that produces sustainable crops for food security and income generation.

Constructed from the twenty-foot shipping container each unit will support two-acre plot of land and feed one hundred and fifty people are complete diet every year

After the box lands on site the technology will unfold with all the tools required for a small farm, combining the best practices and technology into one customized unit.

Each farm for a box unit is preinstalled renewable energy systems to provide power for labor-saving technologies.

Water is a vital component of any farm and our system is engineered to optimize available water resources.

Every unit will come with a drip irrigation system that helps conserve water, boost crop production and extend the local growing season.

Farm from a box is designed to create an independent sustainable farming system that reduces labor and grow substantially more food while improving the long-term health of the soil.

With farm from a box the communities living standards will be improved, they will no longer be dependent on food aid and will be more resilient to overcome challenges with self-sufficiency and empowerment.


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