Wikkel house

"Wikkel house is a small house with a groundbreaking design, because it's made out of cardboard.

It is taken years to develop the patented technology wikkel house. This is how it's made. We choose a fine tree, then we cut down the tree. From the tree we make cardboard of the highest quality... 

Wikkel house has 24 layers of cardboard they glued together with magic glue.

Wikkel house is three times more sustainable than traditional house. Wikkel house is built to last for at least one hundred years. Wikkel house weighs only 6,000 kilograms, which means it doesn't need a foundation. And wicked house can be placed within one day. All this makes Wikkel house highly flexible. 

Take sides for example, each segment is 1.2 meters deep. Your Wikkel house can have eight segments five, twelve, three or one hundred twenty-seven. There's no limit really."


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