Hairy Crazy Ants Invade Mississippi

"In 2009, we first discovered populations of Nylanderia pubens, the hairy crazy ant in Hancock County, Mississippi. By the following year, 2010, we had found it in at least 7 sites in Jackson County, MS. This exotic species is thought to be native to South America. Since 2000, it has become widespread in Florida, having been found in at least 20 counties, and in Texas, where it has been reported from 18 counties thus far. More recently, it has been reported from two parishes in Louisiana."

"For the last few years, this ant has been called by a number of common names including the Caribbean crazy ant, Rasberry crazy ant, and the hairy crazy ant and by differrent scientific names as well such as Paratrechina sp. nr. pubens, Nylanderia sp. nr. pubens, N. sp. nr. fulva, etc. However, specimens from the TX, LA, and MS all appear to be the same species as the one in FL, which is being called Nylanderia pubens, the hairy crazy ant. So, until the name is resolved, I am simply referring to this species as N. pubens, although I recognize that that name could change in the future."


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