Japan Earthquake

Amazing foot showing the Tsunami breaking into Miyako City and swaming a nearby building.

We saw this wave come ashore in Emeryville today. Remember it had to go through the Golden Gate first so they must have had a larger wave on the unprotected beach.

A Japanese man has been describing how he survived the moment the tsunami struck his car with the entire event captured on video.
The man who isn't named describes in a telephone interview what happened when the enormous wave hit Asahi City in Chiba Prefecture: "When I came to the fishing port and turned the corner I could see the wall of water. At that moment I could do nothing else but keep driving. In the middle of that situation my car was taken by the wave.".

Massive earthquake at Tokyo,Japan.High-rise buildings are swaying at Shinjuku on March 11,2011.

CNN iReporter Brent Kooi catches the earth moving and cracking beneath his feet as the quake strikes Japan. March 11.

Before & after the tsunami in the following areas: Minamisanriku, Soma, Rikuzentakata & Sendai Airport. NHK World footage, march 12

Amateur footage of the japanese Tsunami swallows a car with passengers traped inside.


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