Everything you need to know about FAST FOOD

Everything you need to know about FAST FOOD

1921: White Castle was formed as the first fast food chain.
1948: McDonald’s enters the fast food industry.
1951: «Fast food» appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Also the same year Jack in the Box introduced the drive-through.

From the most recent statistics: McDonald’s revenue is around $23 billion from 31,000 locations. YUM! Brands owns Taco Bell, KFC & Pizza Hut, pulled in $11.3 billion. Wendy’s & Arby’s makes about $3.6 billion at 6,700 stores. Burger King makes about $2.5 billion at 11,200 stores.

McDonald`s operates in 126 countries and employs about 400,000 people.
With 13,000 locations in America, it is the country’s largest buyer of beef, pork and potatoes.

«Super heavy users,» those customers who visit the store at least ten times a month, make up 75% of McDonald’s sales.
60% of all the store’s transactions are via the drive through.

Percentage of population that said they eat fast food at least once a week:
Hong Kong – 61%
Malaysia – 59%
Philippines – 54%
Singapore – 50%
Thailand – 44%
China – 41%
India – 37%
USA – 35%
UK – 14%
Sweden – 3%

Some of the unhealthiest items available:
Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger has 1,520 calories
Nathan’s Fish N Chips has 1,537 calories
White Castle Chocolate Shake has 1,680 calories

More than a day’s worth of energy in one meal for many countries:

Average daily calorie intake by country:
Congo – 1,500
Ethiopia – 1,800
Angola – 1,880
Rwanda – 1,940
America – 3,760

- One fast food hamburger may contain meat from hundreds of different cows.
- McDonald’s fries are flavored with unspecified «animal products”.
- Studies revealed 50% of fountain drink dispensers were contaminated with fecal bacteria.
- Strawberry flavoring used in milkshakes contains over 50 different chemicals including:
DIACETYL: Adds “buttery taste” and produced by fermentation isobutyl anthranilate. Used in perfumes.

More notable chemical enhancers:
Sodium phosphate: Found in fast food coffee & detergents.
Titanum dioxide: Found in fat free ranch dressing & silicone caulk.
Dimethylpolysiloxane: Found in McNuggets & in silicone caulk.
Azodicarbonamide: Found in certain Subway breads which may cause Astma.

How to make a McGriddle:
Cake: Consists of wheat flour, vegetable shortening & three types of sugar.
Cheese: Processed with preservatives & flavor enhancers.
Egg: Includes sodium acid pyrophosphate, a leather stain remover.
Bacon: Over 18 “ingridients.”

Number of critical violations per 100 health inspections:
Jack in the box: 45
Taco bell: 62
Wendy`s: 84 Failure to properly cook the food before serving
Subway: 98
Dairy queen: 98 Frequently caught handling meat then ice cream without washing hands.
KFC: 102 Mold on the soda nozzles & served expired chicken pot pies.
Burger king: 111
Arby`s: 115 Leaving roasts beef at room temperature too long.
Hardee’s: 118
McDonald’s: 126 Largest offender of hand washing violations.

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