Below results from a simulation of the Model for Prediction Across Scales - Ocean (MPAS-O). During the research was released 1 million virtual particles throughout the global ocean, from the surface to deep to better understand fluid pathways in the ocean. This is revealing the fate of surface "drifters" in the North Pacific, which collect in the famous 1.6 million square kilometer garbage patch. This was made using ParaView.
That simulations like this take a long time to run. Scientists ran 50 years of this climate model, with 10-kilometer grid cells in the ocean. For the research used 10,000 CPUs on a supercomputer at Los Alamos National Lab and it took roughly 6 months of real-world time to run.

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Ecoclimax is defined by Odum (1969) as the culmination state after a succession in a stabilized ecosystem in which maximum biomass (or high information content) and symbiotic function among organisms is kept per unit of available energy flow.