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Criminal Penguins

Some penguins turn to a life of crime to build the perfect nest.

What Are GMOs?

Genetically Modified Organisms are experemental plants or animals that have been genetically engineerd a laboratory with DNA from other plants, animals, bacteria & viruses.

The Greener Way to Get There

Understanding Carbon Footprint A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases ( GHGs ) emitted directly or indirectly by human activities, typically measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent ( CO2e ). These emissions arise from various sources, including transportation, energy use, manufacturing, and more. The larger the carbon footprint, the greater the impact on climate change. Transportation is one of the major contributors to GHG emissions, but not all modes of transport are created equal in terms of their carbon footprint. Different vehicles and modes of travel emit different amounts of CO2e per kilometer traveled. Understanding these differences is crucial for making more environmentally friendly travel choices. The Greenest Ways to Travel When it comes to choosing the greenest way to get from one place to another, it largely depends on the distance of the trip and the type of vehicle used. Here’s a breakdown of the carbon footprint for various modes of transport

Hairy Crazy Ants Invade Mississippi

"In 2009, we first discovered populations of Nylanderia pubens, the hairy crazy ant in Hancock County, Mississippi. By the following year, 2010, we had found it in at least 7 sites in Jackson County, MS. This exotic species is thought to be native to South America. Since 2000, it has become widespread in Florida, having been found in at least 20 counties, and in Texas, where it has been reported from 18 counties thus far. More recently, it has been reported from two parishes in Louisiana."

U.S. Natural Disasters Blow Through Relief Funds

With a record-breaking number of billion-dollar natural disasters and over 3 months to spare, 2011 is quickly becoming one of the costliest years in US history. Emergency management organizations, such as FEMA, have already converted to "immediate needs funding."

Coal Energy Drink

The Renewable Energy Accountability Project.