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Winning designs unveiled for the sustainable redesign of Saratov

The southwestern Russian city of Saratov has proclaimed the two leading designs in the Open International Competition for the Best Architectural and Urban Planning Concepts for the Integrated Development of Saratov’s City Centre, a call for plans that creatively recreate the central part of the city. The Russian Citymakers-led crew and the Dutch Karres en Brands-led team united for first place, and both will move on to the accomplishment stage for select elements of their leading designs. Both ideas highlight an abundance of green space, a presentation of local culture, and the addition of diverse, eco-friendly recreational possibilities. Started July of last year, the three-phase Saratov plan contest asked participants to redesign the city center. This 688-hectare area comprises the areas of the abandoned airport Saratov-Central, Green Island (Ostrov Zeleny), Victory Park (Park Pobedy),  Glebuchev Ravine (Glebuchev Ovrag), and Pokrovskie Peski Island. International specialists, inc

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