Hail After Heat on a Siberian beach
12:50 AM | Author: Alex
A sudden hail storm in Novosibirsk in the heart of Siberia (Russia).

Time history of atmospheric carbon dioxide, by CIRES & NOAA.

The Grundfos Group does what many responsible companies only dream of: it is generating economic growth while reducing its environmental footprint. In addition, its employees are involved in providing clean drinking water for their fellow citizens around the world. These are parts of the messages in the Group's reporting on sustainability for 2013.
Arctic Report Card 2013
1:23 AM | Author: Alex
Arctic Report Card: Update for 2013 - Tracking recent environmental changes, with 18 essays on different aspects of the environment, by a international team of 147 scientists from 14 different countries, with an independent peer-review organized by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Arctic Council.

The Sewer Men of Mumbai
11:11 PM | Author: Alex
Every day Mumbai produces enough sewage to fill 4,500 Olympic-size swimming pools. Despite the many modern comforts of Mumbai, the sewer system is outdated and is still cleaned by hand. At least once a year the manhole covers are removed and a worker is lowered down with only a helmet for protection. The worker then scoops out the sludge consisting of both human and industrial waste that has been collecting in the pipes. It is not uncommon for Indian sewer workers to become ill or die from the toxic fumes. Indian Parliament recently passed a law in an effort to improve these poor working conditions, but many are doubtful that the new measures will make a difference.

The Sun Reverses its Magnetic Poles
12:47 AM | Author: Alex

his visualization shows the position of the sun's magnetic fields from January 1997 to December 2013. The field lines swarm with activity: The magenta lines show where the sun's overall field is negative and the green lines show where it is positive. A region with more electrons is negative, the region with less is labeled positive. Additional gray lines represent areas of local magnetic variation.