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The Life Expectancy of Humans and 49 Other Animals Ranked

For most of the history of our species, the average life expectancy at birth for Homo sapiens was nearly 30 years. But gratitude to modern breakthroughs in technology and science, humans are today born with an average life expectancy closer to 80 years. Some might claim this is one of humankind's most outstanding achievements. How do Homo sapiens lifespans now rank corresponded to other animals with this rise in life expectancy? This infographic from Alan's Factory Outlet shows the life expectancy of 50 diverse animals varying from amphibians to apes and even includes one immortal species according to modern scientific knowledge. Let's take a closer glance at the lifespans of the longest-living animals. The Deep-Sea Tube Worm The deep-sea tube worm, also known as Riftia pachyptila , lives until almost 250 years old, though this can extend much further in some circumstances. Interestingly, they have no digestive system and thus don't ingest food to survive in an ordina

Visualization Of The Deepest Underground Structures Beneath The Earth's Surface

MetaBallStudios gives an eye-popping 3D tour of the deepest artificial structures built below the planet's surface. Queek facts: Veryovkina Cave in Abkhazia is the deepest-known cave (2212 meters or 7257 feet). Its entrance is situated 2,285 meters above sea level (7497 feet). China Jinping is the deepest Underground Laboratory (2400 meters or 7870 feet). Gotthard Base Tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland is the deepest railway tunnel (2450 meters or 8040 feet). Mponeng Gold Mine in South Africa's Gauteng province is the deepest mine globally (~4000 meters or 13 1000 feet). The deepest artificial point is Kola Superdeep Borehole (12 262 meters or 40 230 feet). Kola Superdeep Borehole is located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia.