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Animals Ranked by Eyesight and How They Compare to Humans

Have you ever been curious about how animals perceive the world? As animals have evolved with more intricate bodies and behaviors, their eyes have adapted to meet their survival requirements. The experts at Lasik by OCLI Vision have delved into the fascinating realm of animal eyes to produce a comprehensive guide comparing animal vision to that of humans. To rank these animals according to their eyesight, they took into account various factors, including precision in distance accuracy, perception of color and light, field of vision, and the speed of their vision based on flicker fusion frequency. Below is the infographic of 90 animals ranked by eyesight and how they compare to humans. How the Rankings Work Humans are 0/0/0 on this chart and act as a point of reference. A 100 means that the animal is the best in that field compared to any other animal of thmrdass, except in the case of held of vision. Since many animals have 360 degrees of vision, they all get 100. Distance The distanc