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Cap & Trade

A Finely tuned system of checks and balances.

The economic injustice of plastic

Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice. Because plastic trash, he shows us, hits poor people and poor countries "first and worst," with consequences we all share no matter where we live and what we earn. At TEDxGPGP, he offers a few powerful ideas to help us reclaim our throwaway planet.

Thousands of fishermen/ship empty lake/ocean in minutes/years

On one day of the year the Dogon people of Mali can fish in the sacred water of Lake Antogo. It's every fisherman for himself as the lake is emptied in minutes.

The Illusion of Diversity

Three firms control 89% of US soft drink sales. This dominance is obscured from us by the appearance of numerous choices on retailer shelves. Steve Hannaford refers to this as “pseudovariety,” or the illusion of diversity, concealing a lack of real choice. To visualize the extent of pseudovariety in this industry we developed a cluster diagram to represent the number of soft drink brands and varieties found in the refrigerator cases of 94 Michigan retailers, along with their ownership and/or licensing connections.


Timelapse. Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Gas & Driving

Influence of gasoline price on miles driven in the USA (Image: Stanford) .

How Much CO2 is created by...

How much CO2 is created by an apple? A bottled water? ...

The Forecast Is Looking More And More Extreme

ABC World News reports on the floods in Brazil and Australia and record precipitation -- including winter snows -- around the world, during the hottest global temperatures in recorded history. Dr. Richard Somerville explains: "This is no longer something that's theory or conjecture or something that comes out of computer models. We're observing the climate changing. It's real. It's happening. It's scientific fact."

Toowoomba Flood (Queensland)

Amazing footage of East Creek near Chalk Drive / Chalk Lane rising and washing away lots of cars during Flash Flood in Toowoomba on Monday 10 January 2011. This is some of the best footage I have seen of the Flood and was taken from the second floor of our office which backs onto Chalk Lane.