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Your Odds Of Dying From Various Accidents

Many of the deaths in the United States every year are accidental, but some accidents are more likely to kill you than others. Using National Safety Council data, Visual Capitalist pictured an American's probability of dying from diverse accidents. Key Findings The most common type of accidental death is a motor vehicle accident (one in 101 chance of dying). 30 percent of all traffic-corresponding deaths in 2020 involved alcohol-impaired drivers You're more likely to die from a bee sting in the United States than win the Powerball jackpot. The lifetime chances were computed by dividing the one-year odds of death by the life expectancy of an individual born in 2020 (77 years).  The most typical type of accidental death is a motor vehicle accident, with a one in 101 chance of dying. The second-most accident probable to kill you is a complication of medical and surgical care (one in 798). The chances of drowning to death in a swimming pool (one in 5,782) are much higher than dro