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The 10 Best Solar Phone Chargers

For anyone searching to harness the green and renewable energy of the sun, a portable solar panel is a great choice.

The solar charging panels are excellent for camping, hiking, kayaking, RVing, or other outdoor activities.

Here are 10 portable, firm solar panel chargers that will keep you powered up as sustained as there is a sun in the sky.

1. Foxelli Triple Portable USB Solar Charger for smartphones 21W

Triple Portable USB Solar Charger

SunPower cells produce up to a 24 percent conversion rate; therefore, this solar panel charger has enough power to charge three devices simultaneously. Innovative charging technology identifies the input required for a connected device and distributes current output respectively, delivering up to 3.5A in total and cutting down on the whole charging time.

You can use this solar charger with any phone or USB-powered device with a 5V direct current input voltage. 

Review: 4.6/5

List Price: $49.97

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2. BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Foldable Portable Solar Charger

Foldable Portable Solar Charger

Three USB charging ports (each is 5V/2.4A Max) with intelligent charging technology that can identify your device smartly and give optimal charging speeds that vary with different devices. 

BigBlue portable solar charger panel bag is small (11.1 × 6.3× 1.3in folded) enough to fit into any camping rucksack. 

Very effective SunPower panels convert up to 23% of solar power into free energy. This unique PET polymer cover preserves it from rain, and rubber covers all the ports to protect them from dust or water damage.

The attached micro USB cable is suitable for practically any 5V Android and Apple devices and some DSLRs. 

Review: 4.5/5

List Price: $69.96

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3. Portable Slim Solar Phone 24W Charger BigBlue

Portable Slim Solar Phone Charger BigBlue

This updated 24W solar phone charger used the thermo-compression technical; thus, the panel is ultraslim and wear-resistant. It is suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, or outdoor activities with a compact size and foldable design.

SunPower solar panel extends the effectiveness of charging up to 21.5% - 23.5%. It is one of the most durable and most effective solar panels on the market. 

Triple USB ports can offer a total current at 5V/4.0A Max and are equipped with Smart IC technology, which can identify your device smartly and maximize the charging efficiency.

Review: 4.5/5

List Price: $61.96

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4. SunJack 15W Portable Solar Charger

SunJack Solar Charger

The weather-resistant surface layer of the SunJack portable solar charger withstands more temperature stress and chemical aggression.  Folding solar panels compact down to the size of an iPad and effortlessly fit into any rucksack.

Pumps out up to 2 amperes of power per USB port (4A Max with two ports) to give wall-outlet charging speeds. The solar charger construction has an ultraviolet permeability of 95 percent compared to 80 percent from PET making the solar panel more effective than other solar chargers.

Built-in smart integrated circuit chip effectively recognizes your device and maximizes charging speed while defending from overcharging. 

Review: 4.5/5

List Price: $59.95

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

5. FEELLE Solar Charger & Power Bank

Solar Charger & Power Bank

Three foldable solar panels can give a max 4.5W output in direct sunshine. It can be fastened to your rucksack to get free solar energy when traveling or to fold up to a compact size.

It has a 24000mAh extraordinary capacity. One recharge will let you have a week’s power.

The solar charger and power bank have a bright LED flashlight with three modes to help you find your route in the night. It is made of highly durable materials to protect it from rain and dust.

Review: 4.4/5

List Price: $29.16

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

6. Foxelli Dual USB 10W Portable Solar Charger

Foxelli Dual USB 10W Portable Solar Charger

Polycrystalline cells give this solar panel charger enough energy to charge two devices at the same time. Innovative charging technology identifies the input required for a connected gadget and shares current output accordingly, giving up to 1.85A in total and cutting down on actual charging time.

It weighs only 1.10 lbs. (499 grams) and is ultra-thin (1.2'' / 3 cm folded). It’s perfect to use while backpacking, hiking, kayaking, or other outdoor activities. Features 11 built-in loops and two carabiners that can effortlessly fasten to your rucksack, awning, or trees, and have a useful pocket for the gadget being charged. 

Don’t bother about rain or dust; these solar panels are protected with industrial-strength PET polymer. 

Review: 4.4/5

List Price: $34.97

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

7. SOKOO 22W 2-Port USB Solar Charger

SOKOO 22W 2-Port USB Solar Charger

High-Speed Charging folding 22W solar panel SOKOO can make full use of the infinite energy of the sun and power your computer, camera, or phone.

Multi-Protection-The built-in smart Integrated circuit chip effectively recognizes your device and maximizes its charging speed, and protects your gadget from overcharging and overloading.

Review: 4.4/5

List Price: $65.99

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

8. Foldable 16W Solar Panel Charger with 2 USB Ports

This portable solar panel can be used to charge every USB electronic gadget, including but not limited to a power bank, phone, kindle, speaker, and more. And guarantee 100 percent secure charging and short circuit protection.

16W Solar Panel Charger with 2 USB Ports

Highly effective solar panel, using TIR-C Technology, up to 22 percent energy generation rate lacking sunlight. A fabric flap and rubber cover all the ports to preserve them from dust or water damage, and this unique PET polymer cover shields solar panels from occasional rain. 

Dual USB ports can be charged concurrently, support simultaneous charging of both 2 mobile phones, give the optimal charging current to decrease charging time to protect the gadgets. A unique screen display design provides you with the visual power you are using when using this product.

Review: 4.4/5

List Price: $39.99

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

9. Wireless Solar Charger, Power Bank with  Flashlight

Wireless Solar Charger

This solar charger has a 20000mah Li-polymer battery and is equipped with three foldable solar panels, giving a large battery backup for open-air activities.

The portable solar panel with a power bank is suitable for every gadget that supports the wireless charging function. 

You can charge 2 gadgets concurrently with a max output of 5V/2.1A. It usually takes 5-10 hours to charge the battery fully. The solar panel also has micro B input 5V/2A.  

The solar panel is handheld-sized and provided with a bright LED light. It can receive more solar energy while unfolding in the daytime. It is ideal for hiking, exploring, camping, and other outdoor voyages.

Review: 4.5/5

List Price: $22.99

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

10. Foldable 22W Solar Panel Phone Charger ELEGEEK

Protected Foldable Solar Panel

The solar phone charger is compact and effortlessly carries in your case or rucksack, with an adjustable stand to get a better sunlight angle.

The charger with A+ level solar optimal performance has built-in icGEEK technology, which it identifies and charges the connected gadget with an optimal current.

Waterproof nylon and laminated material protect solar charger panels from wet or rain.

With Double USB ports, compatible with all 5V USB charging gadgets, including smartphones, BlueTooth headphones, cameras, etc., users can pair it with a power bank to accumulate solar energy as a backup.

Review: 4.8/5

List Price: $48.99

Buy: Click To Buy On Amazon 

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