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Shrinking Glaciers

Since 1850 glaciers of Switzerland have shrunk by around 50%. According to the World Glacier Monitoring Service, this process is likely to continue and that 80 to 90 percent of glacier ice mass will be lost by 2100. Via

Degree of hemeroby (naturalness) of the overall landscape in EU countries (1996 - 2005)


Protected Planet

Protected Planet is the most up to date and complete source of information on protected areas, updated monthly with submissions from governments, non-governmental organizations, landowners, and communities. It is managed by the United Nations Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre with support from IUCN and its World Commission on Protected Areas. It is a publicly available online platform where users can discover terrestrial and marine protected areas, access related statistics and download data from the World Database on Protected Areas. Protected Planet enables a spectrum of users to use existing protected area data for information-based decision making, policy development, and business and conservation planning. Businesses in a range of sectors including mining, oil and gas, and finance can use WDPA data to identify biodiversity risks and opportunities of a given project. Conservation planners can use the information to predict the outcomes of various proposals and fo

Cleaner Air = Longer Lives

How much longer would you live if your country reduced air pollution to comply with your own national standard or the World Health Organization standard? The Air Quality-Life Index (AQLI) The number of years saved if countries met the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for what is considered safe air quality. Via:

Rising seas

Use the Explorer button to see how the sea level has changed at 500 measuring points worldwide. Click on the continent, then the country, then on the respective measuring station.

Air pollution in Asia (13.09.2017)

Harvey, Katia, and Irma sure did churn up and heat from the oceans into the form of kinetic energy and water vapor

Forest cover change in South America, by region (2015)

Reddit user: Samuelecmp

2 Significant Solar Flares Imaged by NASA

Two solar flares were released by the Sun this morning, one of which was the most powerful flare recorded since 2008. Credit: NASA Credit: NASA Credit: NASA Credit: NASA Credit: NASA Credit: NASA Via

Strength in Number

Visualizing the size, scale, and significance of animal migrations.