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Surreal Footage Of The Devastating Houston Floods From Above

The rainfall in Texas set a new record for the continental United States, the National Weather Service has said. A rain gauge in Cedar Bayou recorded 132 centimeters .(51.88 inches)of rain from Friday 25 to Wednesday 30 August. Facilities are often built for the "10-year" or 10% storm. Harvey has dropped a much larger amount of rain, comparable to a "500-year" storm. These large deluges are happening every year. Source: vox &

Alaska’s permafrost, shown here in 2010, is no longer permanent

Alaska’s permafrost, shown here in 2010, is no longer permanent. It is starting to thaw. By 2050, much of this frozen ground, a storehouse of ancient carbon, could be gone. This is what may be lost. Source:

Forest cover through time

The pessimistic scenario developed by Co$ting Nature removes the pixels corresponding to forest cover over time from the average annual deforestation in the region based on the Global Forest Change data set (2000-2012). The new deforestation areas are assigned according to the distribution of agricultural suitability as well as existing and planned road networks. Another forest loss of 0.3% per annum is added as a projection for a plausible increase in the rate of deforestation in the future. The setting restricts the occurrence of deforestation within protected areas by 10% representing an ineffective protected areas system. The resulting map is a forecast for the year of 2260, when much of the Amazon forest will be lost forever. The projections were made by professor Mark Mulligan of King’s College London, at the request of Info Amazonia. Carbon ecosystem services index in plants and soil in the Continental Amazon. In orange tone, the peat soils zones in Peru stand out. Brazil

National Park Service Visitors, 2016

Percent of electricity produced from renewable sources by country

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