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Vitamin D

From Nov to Feb, there's not enough UVB in sunlight above latitude 42°N to make Vitamin D in the skin.

How Loud is a Wind Turbine?

The closest that a wind turbine is typically placed to a home is 300 meters or more. At that distance, a turbine will have a sound pressure level of 43 decibels. To put that in context, the average air conditioner can reach 50 decibels of noise, and most refrigerators run at around 40 decibels.

The Story of Coal

Everyone's familiar with using electricity, but do you know where it comes from? Half of your home's electricity usage comes from coal power. Watch "The Story of Coal" to learn more about the impact of coal-fired power plants on you, your home, your neighborhood, and your world.

What if the largest countries had the biggest populations?

The Story of Electronics

The Story of Electronics explore's the high-tech revolution's collateral damage—25 million tons of e-waste and counting, poisoned workers and a public left holding the bill. Host Annie Leonard takes viewers from the mines and factories where our gadgets begin to the horrific backyard recycling shops in China where many end up. The film concludes with a call for a green 'race to the top' where designers compete to make long-lasting, toxic-free products that are fully and easily recyclable.

A Brief History of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real risk that we'll fall off a cliff, there's still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future.

Collapsus Walkthrough

Collapsus is a brand-new transmedia project from SubmarineChannel that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project associated with the documentary, Energy Risk. 
Collapsus is directed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, and director of American Prince.

Homegrown Revolution

Path to Freedom presents 'A Homegrown Revolution' A collaboration of selective media clips which feature their urban homestead and farm which focus on the need of radical action -- growing food in the city.

Who Really Worries About Carbon Emissions?

The data below is from various carbon footprint calculators scattered about the web and largely based on EPA emissions estimates and conversations.  Of all the agitators and propagandists lecturing the common person about their large carbon footprint life styles, not a single one has evidenced their belief in the “climate emergency” by their own behavior.  This has been particularly true for President Obama, Al Gore and Hollywood.

How Coffee Affects The Global Economy

While we may not need coffee for survival, this popular pick-me-up fuels not only our daily energy levels, but the global economy as well.

Best Cites for Electric Vehicles

Ranked by number of commutters within 50 miles of city center and the percentage that already drive to work.

London Futures

Parliament Square rice paddies. Image: London Futures This view across Parliament Square shows paddy fields running up to the walls of the Palace of Westminster. The land that once housed political protest is now part of the city's food production effort. In this scenario London has adapted to rising water tables in radical ways. Managed flooding is now the name of the game, as is self-sufficiency in food. Central London is a network of rice paddies – and Londoners' diet is largely rice-based.

Might Arctic Warming Lead to Catastrophic Methane Releases?