Who Really Worries About Carbon Emissions?

The data below is from various carbon footprint calculators scattered about the web and largely based on EPA emissions estimates and conversations.  Of all the agitators and propagandists lecturing the common person about their large carbon footprint life styles, not a single one has evidenced their belief in the “climate emergency” by their own behavior.  This has been particularly true for President Obama, Al Gore and Hollywood.

Activity CO2 footprint (lbsCO2)
Burn a gallon of gasoline 19.4

Use a kWh of electricity (U.S. average fuel mix) - 1.3

Car trip to the grocery store (roundtrip 15 miles) - 11.6

Mowing the lawn (1hr, gas engine push mower) -  9.7

Watch TV (42” LCD), 4 hrs - 1.1

Make a pot of coffee - 0.3

Use a desktop computer (CRT screen) 8 hrs - 2.1

Use a 75W light bulb for 4hrs -  0.4

Fly 1,000 miles -  440

Annual refrigerator usage 827

Annual lawn care (mow grass 25 times) - 242.5

Annual desktop computer usage (1,000 hrs) -  260

Annual TV usage (42” LCD, 1000hrs) - 406

Annual Coffee (365 pots per year) - 109.5

Annual usage of 75W light bulb (1,500 hrs) - 146.3

Annual car usage (12,000 miles @ 25mpg) - 9,391

Annual home heating/cooling - 30,000

Average American per year -  45,000

Obama Entourage to India (flights only) - 18,671,400

Obama Entourage to India (estimated, all sources) - 27,921,100

U.N. Climate Confab (Copenhagen) -  89,100,000

Via sppiblog.org
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