Animals That Kill The Most Humans

Many people think that top predators such as lions, tigers, bears, and sharks are the Earth’s deadliest animals. Yet, such opinions are omitted as not a single predator gets the top five of the world’s deadliest animals. For instance, lions kill just nearly 100 people every year, and sharks cause just approximately 10 deaths per year globally. These numbers are insignificant when compared to those of the top five deadliest animals on our planet. 

For example, mosquitos kill more than 725,000 people every year around the world. Human deaths from mosquitoes are affected by infectious diseases such as chikungunya, dengue, encephalitis, fever, and tularemia. According to the World Health Organization, the deadliest of the mosquito-borne diseases is malaria, which killed about 409,000 people in 2019. The deaths are most common in Sub-Saharan Africa, where approximately 93 percent of the total global malaria deaths are recorded.

Unexpectedly, humans are their own most dangerous enemies and are the second-deadliest animals on our planet.  According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the total number of people killed by other people in the world is about 475,000. Africa and the Americas estimate for up to 65 percent of the global homicides. 

Snakes are the third-deadliest animals on the Earth. Each year about 50 thousand people are killed by snakes globally. Asia accounts for the highest number of fatalities from snakes globally, where at least 15 thousand people die each year. The deadliest of snake species are the black mamba and the puff adder

A surprising human killer is an animal often considered as “man’s best friend,” the dog. Dogs estimate the highest number of human mortality of any mammal, excluding humans. An approximated 25 thousand people are killed by dogs every year throughout the world. Rabies, a disease spread by dog bites, causes the bulk of deaths. Without vaccination, the lethality rate from this disease is almost 100%. About 16 thousand people died globally from rabies every year, with most deaths from Asia and Africa. 

Reddit user Dremarious created infographics about animals that kill the most humans per year.

Animals - killers

The deadliest animals in the world (deaths per year)
1. Mosquitoes - 725,000
2. Humans - 475,000
3. Snake - 50,000
4. Dog - 25,000
5. Freshwater Snail - 10,000
6. Assassin Bug - 10,000
7. Tsetse Fly - 10,000
8. Ascaris Roundworm - 25,000
9. Tapeworm - 2,000
10. Crocodile - 1,000
11. Hippopotamus - 500
12. Lion - 100
13. Elephant - 100
14. Shark - 10
15. Wolf - 10


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