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A large, rural tiny house on wheels

The large and rural Denali XL tiny house has 399 square feet of floor space plus the 65-square-foot attic above the bathroom. The company 'Timbercraft Tiny Homes' has expanded the standard Denali from 37 feet long to 42 feet long on a full trailer with wheels to better get this comfortable tiny house from point A to point B.

High ceilings and window-filled walls give this home an atmospheric feel. Powered windows in the living room open automatically via timers, rain sensors, or manually with a wall switch. Thoughtfully-designed shiplap walls, tinted wood ceilings, oak floors and Sierra Pacific wood-clad skylights fill the space.

In the kitchen, a 24-inch four-burner gas range with a full stove makes it comfortable to cook a complete meal. The kitchen also features a summit refrigerator with a large freezer on the bottom, a trash compactor and dishwasher.

The tiny home is heated and cooled with two interior mini-split units placed in both the bedroom and kitchen. 

The bathroom is equipped with a deluxe steam shower, an incinerating toilet and a ventilation cooler that regulates the humidity indoors. 

The bedroom incorporates an area for a king bed and storage below, additional controlled windows above the bed. The tiny house additionally has a secondary loft for another bedroom over the living room.

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