Coal Power Plants in the World from 1927 to 2019

The animated map below from SVT.SE shows all coal power plants in the world opened from 1927 to 2019. Unfortunately, the number of coal power plants increasing (especially in China and India).

Coal capacity (2010)
China: 630,238 MW
India: 100,037 MW
Other Asia: 127,515 MW

Coal capacity (2018) 
China: 972,514 MW (+54%)
India: 220,670 MW (+121%)
Other Asia: 191,088 MW (+50%)

Coal Power Plants in the World from 1927 to 2019

In 2019, there are 2,425 coal-fired power plants in the Earth. Their total capacity was about 2 thousand gigawatts. They emitted fifteen billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of our planet.

 According to Carbon Brief, world coal power production could fall 3 percent in 2019.
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