Coal Phase Out Plan in the EU, 2017 - 2031

The map below shows a plan to phase out coal power stations across the EU from 2017 to 2031.

Source: Climate Analytics

The top 10 coal power plants:
1. Bełchatów Power Station (Poland) – 5,472MW (4th largest coal plant in the world)
2. Neurath Power Station (Germany) – 4,400MW
3. Drax Power Station (UK) – 3,960MW
4. Niederaussem Power Station (Germany) – 3,864MW
5. Jänschwalde Power Station (Germany) – 3,000MW
6. Kozienice Power Station (Poland) – 2,840MW
7. Brindisi Sud Power station (Italy) – 2,640MW
8. Turceni Power Station (Romania) – 2,640MW
9. Boxberg Power Station (Germany) – 2,575MW
10. Frimmersdorf Power Station (Germany) – 2,413MW
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