What is missing?

- The species that have gone extinct
- The species that will go extinct IN our lifetime
- the species that we will never know because we destroyed their habitats before we could ever know them

Designed by Maya Lin as her last memorial, What is Missing? creates, through science-based artworks, an awareness about the present sixth mass extinction of species, connects this loss of species to habitat degradation and loss, and emphasizes that by preventing deforestation, we can both reduce carbon , emissions and protect species and habitats. What Is Missing? is a wake up call and a call to action. It shows us how we can help protect and restore nature, reimagine our relationship to the natural world, showcasing how we could five in ways that balance our needs with the needs of the planet.

Via whatismissing.net
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Alex E

Ecoclimax is defined by Odum (1969) as the culmination state after a succession in a stabilized ecosystem in which maximum biomass (or high information content) and symbiotic function among organisms is kept per unit of available energy flow.