Small World Photomicrography competition 2016 finalists

Front Foot (Tarsus) Of A Male Diving Beetle
Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

Eyes Of A Jumping Spider
Yousef Al Habshi

Human Neural Rosette Primordial Brain Cells
Dr. Gist F. Croft

Scales Of A Butterfly Wing Underside
Francis Sneyers

Poison Fangs Of A Centipede
Walter Piorkowski

Air Bubbles Formed From Melted Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Crystals
Marek Mis

Retinal Ganglion Cells In The Whole-Mounted Mouse Retina
Dr. Keunyoung Kim

Wildflower Stamens
Samuel Silberman

Four-Day-Old Zebrafish Embryo
Dr. Oscar Ruiz

Espresso Coffee Crystals
Kitayama & Sanae Kitayama

Goatsbeard Flower
Dr. Csaba Pintér

Caudal Gill Of A Dragonfly Larva
Marek Miś

Leaves Of Selaginella
David Maitland

Polished Slab Of Teepee Canyon Agate
Douglas L. Moore

Butterfly proboscis
Jochen Schroeder

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Ecoclimax is defined by Odum (1969) as the culmination state after a succession in a stabilized ecosystem in which maximum biomass (or high information content) and symbiotic function among organisms is kept per unit of available energy flow.