Rhino horn Mapping the crimes

Rhino horn Mapping the crimes

The yellow markers represent a total of 351 rhino horn seizures, involving approximately 2,914 kg of rhino horn, equivalent to about 1,050 individual horns. Where weight of rhino horn seized has not been reported (i.e. only a specific number of horns have been reported), we have calculated the weight of the seizure by using an average weight of 2.78kg per hornPDF, except where the location of the seizure strongly suggests the horn is from the greater one-horned rhino, where a figure of 0.96 kg is used.

The green markers represent thefts of rhino horn – including thefts from government stockpiles, private homes and museums – showing the increase in rhino horn thefts in areas such as the EU. This shows the theft of at least 261 rhino horns, most of which were likely trafficked into the black market.

Via eia-international.org
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