Integrated village designs for thriving regenerative communities

RegenVillages integrated villages to help people become more self sufficient in three areas
1. Waste management.
2. Food production.
3. Energy production.

RegenVillages has a global vision to bring science-to-action research to implement thousands of – regenerative, villages within the next decade, as a tipping point for scaling and replicating integrated village designs and retrofits as an urgent call to action for a planet and populations in distress. The RegenVillages initiative will act as conduit for bringing design challenges and endowment funding to partner universities around the world, in addition to providing safe, secure and self-reliant communities to life.

Building on an open-source ideology and partnering with national and municipal governments, major universities, industry partners, regional and local stakeholders at every level, RegenVillages seeks to dissolve barriers to rapid deployment and proliferation. An integrated focus on the human and technical issues is our special formula for success.
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Alex E

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