Shifting North Pole from 80,000 B.P. until now.
Shifting North Pole

Position #1
63° N, 135° W
From the Yukon area of North America at about 80,000 B.P. (before present era) and moving east by 75,000 B.P. to the Greenland Sea.
North Pole

Position #2
72° N, 10° E
From the Greenland Sea, starting at about 55,000 B.P. and then moving south-west by 50,000 B.P. towards what is now Hudson Bay.
North Pole

Position #3
60° N, 73° W
From the Hudson Bay area at about 17,000 B.P. and moving north to its present location by about 12,000 B.P.
North Pole

Position #4
The current position.
North Pole
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