Where water meets watts
Water and energy come into conflict around the globe. Use the map controls in the top left-hend corner to zoom and pan to an area of interest, or simply drag the mao around. Click on a location to explore local challenges and solutions. Each location`s marker reflects a prognosis based on the riskiness of the project, the likehood of success, and the consequences of failure. A nation`s ability to deal with its problem is influenced by the following for metrics: renewable freshwater per capita (millions of liters per person), total primary energy per capita (total primary energy per capita), population access to clean water, population access to electricity.
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Alex E

Ecoclimax is defined by Odum (1969) as the culmination state after a succession in a stabilized ecosystem in which maximum biomass (or high information content) and symbiotic function among organisms is kept per unit of available energy flow.